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PSI and Sealed Air Corporation

Monday, July 28th, 2014

At Packaging Strategies Inc., we maintain partnerships with other companies to ensure that we are providing customers with top quality products and materials.  One of these partnerships is with Sealed Air Corporation, a global leader in food safety, facility hygiene, and product protection.

Sealed Air Corporation is a company based on the idea of protection. They strive to make healthier lives for everyone through safely packaging materials and products to be shipped around the world. With 25,000 employees serving customers in 175 countries, PSI is proud to maintain a strategic partnership with Sealed Air Corporation.

By taking the SmartLife™ approach, Sealed Air Corporation promises to make ethical and responsible decisions, support inclusion and diversity, be efficient yet safe in their business, and invent products and make choices that help to reduce waste and decrease the use of limited resources.

Services and products of Sealed Air Corporation include:

Food care
Protective packaging
Shrink packaging
Specialty materials
Medical applications
Diversey care

    Sealed Air Corporation maintains a set of priorities for their company. They are as follows:

    Put Customers first
    Generate Cash
    Be Inventive
    Leverage their global supply chain
    Develop their people
    Lead in sustainability and workplace safety

    The company’s goals and priorities is what ultimately helps them to succeed.  By maintaining a partnership with this company, it helps both of us succeed. At PSI, we carry a variety of custom cases including military cases, Hardigg cases, electronic cases, shipping cases, storm cases, telecommunication cases, and SKB cases.

    If you’re interested in PSI or what else we have to offer, don’t hesitate to call us at 410.547.7877 or visit our contact page. You can also stop in at our convenient location in Baltimore. You can find us at 6711-B Moravia Road.

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    Why Should your Custom Case be Watertight?

    Thursday, July 24th, 2014

    Watertight custom cases

    When it comes to creating a custom case for your military and medical equipment, you need one that will be durable and sturdy. Another important characteristic to look for in your custom case is for your case to be watertight. While this may seem like a characteristic that isn’t imperative, having a watertight case is actually a necessary component to look for in your custom case. Some reasons for needing a watertight case include:


    1. Electrical equipment and water are never a good mix. Even the smallest amount of water can cause a short in general electrical equipment. If your case uses fans or other electrical devices to maintain temperature, water exposure could cause them to fail.
    2. Highly sensitive medical equipment should never be exposed to water. Water exposure could damage the equipment, leading to pricy repairs and failed projects or missions.
    3. If military equipment like weapons and ammunition is being transported, water exposure can never an option. Water damage can leave weapons faulty, putting soldiers and other personnel in danger when using the equipment.
    4. If a case isn’t watertight, transporters must by highly aware of how the case is transported and where the case is stored. A watertight case is able to be stored and transported in a number ways with no worry of damage from the elements.
    5. A watertight case will ensure the equipment inside will stay functional once they have reached their destination.


    At Packaging Strategies Incorporated, we create custom cases that are watertight to protect the important equipment held inside. We know how essential watertight cases are when transporting equipment for medical and military purposes. We pride ourselves on creating cases that meet every need of our customer while also exceeding their expectations, at a price that is affordable and reasonable. We are also proud of our service to every arm of the Department of Defense and United States military.


    To get started with a watertight case from PSI, call us today at 410-547-7877. You can also visit our contact page online.


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    Benefits of Using Aluminum Custom Cases

    Thursday, July 24th, 2014

    Aluminum Case BenefitsWhen it comes to shipping your medical or military equipment, you need a case that is reliable. A case that can stand up against harsh elements while still protecting the equipment inside is a must in today’s casing industry. One of the best materials to use today for your casing solution is aluminum. While aluminum may not seem like the best idea for casing, an aluminum case has several benefits when it comes to transporting your important and sensitive equipment. Some of the benefits of aluminum casing includes:

    • While you may think aluminum will be heavy to carry around, an aluminum case is surprisingly lightweight. This will make transportation easier along with make shipment affordable.
    • Aluminum is very durable and will be able to stand up to harsh elements during travel. Aluminum cases will be able to withstand:
      • Extreme temperatures
      • Water
      • Corrosion
      • Dirt
      • High Winds
    • Aluminum cases are also visually appealing when used, making them a popular choice.
    • Having a case that can include a customizable foam insert is essential when transporting delicate equipment. Aluminum cases are customizable to include foam inserts that will keep your equipment organized and protected.


    At Packaging Strategies Incorporated, we specialize in the production of high quality aluminum custom cases at a price that is reasonable. Our cases are created on site to allow a higher production rate and better customer service. PSI is also constantly developing partnerships with leaders in the casing industry to provide our customers with only the highest quality materials. We are constantly developing new cases to better service our customers with all of their custom case needs. At PSI, we strive to not only meet your needs, but to exceed your expectations.


    To learn more about aluminum custom cases from PSI in Baltimore, call us today at 410-547-7877. You can also visit our contact page to fill out our contact form.


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    PSI and American Fabricators Inc.

    Monday, July 14th, 2014

    PSI & AFI

    At Packaging Strategies Incorporated, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products made from only the best materials. We have developed partnerships with several companies and suppliers to ensure only the best for our customers at a price they will find reasonable and affordable. One of the partnerships we have developed over the years has been one with American Fabricators Incorporated.


    Founded in 1984, American Fabricators Inc. is a privately owned and operated company that specializes in precision sheet metal fabrication. The company currently employes about 100 associates and owns about 100,000 square feet of space dedicated to manufacturing. The company has worked to partner with several other companies in a wide variety of industries to keep their name at the top in the sheet metal industry. The company has a number of different capabilities including:

    1. Metal Finishing
    2. Welding
    3. Shearing
    4. Brake Forming
    5. Turret Punching
    6. Assembly
    7. Laser Cutting
    8. Hardware Insertion


    The company currently owns:

    1. 30 Weld Stations
    2. 5 Lasers
    3. 27 N/C Turret Punches
    4. 33 Brake Presses


    With such capabilities, there is no question why PSI chose to partner with AFI. Want to learn more about American Fabricators Incorporated? Visit their full website today.


    At PSI, we strive to provide our customers with an array of custom casing products to meet their diverse needs. We specialize in the production of several different cases including:

    1. Custom Military Cases
    2. Custom Hardigg Cases
    3. Custom Electronic Cases
    4. Custom Shipping Cases
    5. Custom Storm Cases
    6. Custom Telecommunications Cases
    7. Custom SKB Cases


    Want to get started with PSI today? Give us a call at 410.547.7877 or visit our contact page. You can also stop in at our convenient location in Baltimore. You can find us at 6711-B Moravia Road.


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    Independence Day and PSI

    Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

    Independence Day

    This Friday marks the 238th birthday of the United States of America. July 4th is the most celebrated day in America, as it highlights the independence of the United States from Britain. As Americans from all across the country begin to celebrate the holiday with parades, cookouts, and fireworks, here are a few things to remember about the holiday!

    1. Declaration of Independence- Independence Day is the celebration of the signing of the document known as the Declaration of Independence. This document, signed by Robert Livingston, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Thomas Jefferson, declared America’s independence from Britain.
    2. Federal Holiday- Although Independence Day had been celebrated since 1776, Congress didn’t declare the day a federal holiday until 1938.
    3. Not the Accurate Date- While we continue to celebrate our Independence on July 4th, the truth still remains that the actual time of independence came at least a month later. The Declaration of Independence was fully signed by each member of the Continental Congress until August 2nd and didn’t reach King George the Third until August 30th.
    4. Death of Two Men- On July 4th, 1826, 50 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson passed away within hours of one another.
    5. Fireworks- The tradition of fireworks on July 4th began around the 19th century when citizens began to light and set off left over explosives from the war. Today, over 14,000 fireworks displays are ignited each year for the holiday.

    Packaging Strategies Incorporated enjoys celebrating the independence of the United States of America each year. Our company is proud to continue our partnership with every branch of the United States Armed Forces who continue to protect the independence of the American people.

    To get started with PSI on your new custom cases, call us today at 410.547.7877 or click here.

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    Independence Day: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know