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The Benefits of Injection Molded Cases

Friday, August 29th, 2014

benefits of injection molded cases
When it comes to developing a high quality product at a price that customers can afford, Packaging Strategies Incorporated exceeds all expectations. One of the ways PSI has been able to produce quality custom cases for the Baltimore area is through injection molded cases. While this method of case production may not seem beneficial, it actually holds several benefits for both the consumer and producer. Some benefits of using injection molded cases include:

1. Production can be made quickly, putting the product in the hand of the consumer quicker.
2. Customization is easier with the option to add fillers and inserts.
3. Hinges and locks can also be added during the production process.
4. Waste is almost non-existent. Any scrap material can be grounded down to be reused.
5. Post production is normally unnecessary, cutting labor cost.
6. Different types of material can be used during the process at the same time.

Materials that can be used are broken down into three different categories of polymers:

1. Thermoplastics- Polystyrene, nylon, polyethylene
2. Thermosets- Phenolic, Epoxy
3. Elastomers

The process to make the injection molded cases can be broken down into four different “times”. These times are as follows:

1. Fill Time- The time it takes for air to be removed from the mold cavity.
2. Pack Time- The time it takes to fill the mold with the material of choice.
3. Cool Time- The time it takes for the material to cool or set.
4. Dead Time- The time it takes for the part to be removed from the mold and the mold to be reset.

PSI strives to create a durable product for our consumers that will not only meet their casing needs, but exceed their expectations. PSI has been serving the Baltimore area for over 50 years and continues to lead the area in the custom cases and shipping cases industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about our injection molded cases, please contact Packaging Strategies Inc. by calling 410-547-7877, email, or click here today!

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PSI and Parker Cases

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Parker Cases Strategic Partnership
When it comes to custom cases in the Baltimore area, Packaging Strategies Incorporated is the only name you need to know. At PSI, we specialize in the production of custom cases to transport medical, electrical, and military equipment. In order to guarantee only the highest quality materials and products, PSI has developed strategic partnerships with a number of distributors in the transportation industry. One of our partnerships is with Parker Cases in order to provide only the best cases for our Baltimore customers.

Parker Cases produces five different cases in seventy five different sizes for a wide variety of equipment. Parker Cases can be bought either empty or with a custom foam interior to add another layer of protection for your equipment. Cases produced from Parker Cases are developed from polyethylene, making them durable yet affordable. These cases are also made to be solvent resistant and to handle extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. The finish used for the cases prevents peeling or blistering those other cases may experience while being exposed to serious temperatures. Other features that are available for Parker Cases include:

1. Spring Loaded Handles
2. Rubber Gaskets
3. Piano Hinges
4. Military Styled Latches
5. Closures (Male/Female)
6. Padlocks available

Cases offered by Parker Cases include the following:

1. Roto Rugged Tote Wheeled Cases
2. TSW Shipping Containers
3. Deluxe Wheeled Cases
4. Shipping Cases
5. XHDT Deluxe Wheeled Cases

Parker Cases are not available through direct sale, making our partnership with the company ideal and beneficial for all parties involved. For over 50 years, PSI has striven to become a leading name in Baltimore for custom cases and shipping solutions. We also develop product on-site, helping us provide a high quality product at a price that is reasonable and in a time span that is efficient.

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A Custom SKB Case for your Medical Equipment

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

When it comes to medical equipment, you have to prioritize keeping it safe, sterile, and in proper working condition. After all, peoples’ lives could be at stake! So when you are transporting medical equipment and instruments from location to location, how can you guarantee that nothing will happen that could potentially compromise it? The best solution is a reliable case: a custom-designed SKB case from PSI Cases.

PSI has a strategic partnership with SKB Cases to ensure that we provide nothing but the highest quality custom cases to our clients. SKB cases are some of the toughest, more durable cases available, designed to withstand the water, dust, and air that can contribute to corrosion. They are also impact-resistant, meaning that the contents will stay as undamaged as the exterior of your case.

When you select a custom SKB case, you have the ability to ensure that no matter what kind of medical equipment you will be transporting, it will stay safe and secure and free from harm. One of the top benefits of custom cases from PSI is the specially-crafted foam interiors we create for your case; the foam can be cut to fit even the most delicate tools easily and keep them stationary until they need to be used. This is especially necessary for medical cases that will be transporting liquids in glass containers, as they could easily shatter and spill if not packaged properly.

Having a reliable method of transportation for your medical equipment and instruments means that it is easier and safer to bring these materials with you to the site of a medical emergency. Being able to do this could mean the difference between getting a person the help she or he needs immediately and waiting to transport them to a hospital, which could prove risky or, in some situations, impossible. The convenience and necessity of a custom SKB medical case is all-too clear; contact PSI Cases today to get started on the design for your case!

Custom SKB Medical Cases

If you’re interested in a custom SKB medical case from PSI, contact us today at 410.547.7877, or stop in at our convenient location in Baltimore at 6711-B Moravia Road.

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Why do you Need a Custom Case from PSI?

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Custom-built case

If you have important medical, electric, or military equipment that needs to be shipped, you need a case that is strong enough for the job. If you choose a cheap, low quality shipping case, your expensive and sensitive equipment could become damaged during transportation. This is why you need to trust your packing solutions to Packaging Strategies Incorporated.

PSI has grown into a leader within the custom case industry over the past 50 years and has partnered with a wide range of both private and public companies. Whether we are partnering with Northrop Grumman or a branch of the United States Armed Forces, PSI has been there to create custom packaging solutions for all of their transportation needs. PSI offers four areas of service to help create high quality cases at a reasonable price:

1. Product Fulfillment- PSI makes sure to keep a constant inventory of the parts we need to house for your project. We also make sure to include a schematic, so items can be placed back in their proper place after being removed.
2. System Integrations- Our team uses their years of experience in the engineering field as well as PSI’s on site manufacturing equipment in order to handle all steps in the system integration process.
3. Cushioning Solutions- PSI knows that one of the best ways to ensure safe transportation for equipment is through a foam or cushioned interior. We use 3D modeling techniques along with our state of the art fabrication equipment to create a cushion solution that meets your transportation needs.
4. Protective Container Solutions- PSI has partnered with the best names in the casing industry in order to offer the highest quality cases to our customers at a price they can afford. PSI offers:
SKB Cases
Hardigg Cases
Custom Pelican Cases

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