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3 Advantages of Prototype Custom Cases

Friday, October 27th, 2017
Military Custom Case

Learn about the benefits of prototype custom cases.

Designing the perfect custom case for your product or device is an exciting process, especially if you are going to be investing a large amount of money into multiple custom cases for products.  A prototype doesn’t just allow you a glimpse of what the finished product will look like; it also allows you to identify potential problems before you have 1,000 identical faulty custom cases on your hands! Here are three important advantages of investing in a prototype custom case before making your final order. (more…)

The Relationship Between Case Color and Internal Temperature

Friday, October 20th, 2017
Custom Cases

Learn how color impact the effectiveness of your custom case.

Electronic components and intense heat don’t mix well. If any electronic equipment is left in the direct sunlight, it has the potential to be destroyed completely.  Inlets and outlets designed to prevent this from happening can mitigate the problem if the ambient air is cool enough. However, no design is flawless; as this may be able to combat overheating.  Unfortunately it can actually be detrimental in its own way, as it can draw in moisture and dirt particles. So, as you can see, it can be hard to get the balance right. It’s important to consider there can be direct correlation between the color of your case and its internal temperature. (more…)

What to Look for in a Custom Case for a Drone

Friday, October 13th, 2017

Discover the basic in custom cases for your drone.

As drone photography becomes more accessible to the masses, the need for specialized custom cases has been on the rise. If you like to take your drone with you when you travel, you may have asked yourself how I can keep my drone safe? If you pack your drone improperly, you will have issues. And if you use a case that is not suitable for your drone, you’ll have issues as well. Baggage handlers can be very rough on luggage. So, if you choose to check your drone, ensure you have a case that has a custom cut insert so your drone fits perfectly.  There many more features you should look for in a custom case for your drone. (more…)

Benefits of a Thermoelectric Cooling Custom Case

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

discover the benefits of thermoelectric cooling.

Thermoelectric cooling is a way to remove thermal energy from a medium, device or component by applying a voltage of constant polarity to a junction between dissimilar electrical conductors or semiconductors. Thermoelectric cooling systems typically employ a matrix of semiconductor pellets sandwiched in between two large electrodes. When a DC voltage source connects between the electrodes, the negatively-charged side becomes cooler while the positively-charged side becomes warmer. So, with such science behind the process, it makes sense that a custom-made case with thermoelectric cooling can be extremely beneficial when transporting electronics to maintain the proper temperature! (more…)