Advantages of Rotomolding

Discover the benefits of investing in a rotationally molded case.

Many industries rely on custom cases to store and transport expensive, fragile, and proprietary equipment. They are essential because they help ensure that your gear will remain in excellent condition at all points of its journey. One method for creating custom cases is rotomolding. It’s the process of using heat, plastics, and rotation to create a case that is reliable and strong. With all the available methods for building custom cases, it’s important to know the basics about why you would choose each method. Read on to discover the advantages of using rotomolding to create a custom case.

Cost Effective

One of the top advantages of rotomolding is how cost effective the process is. From the beginning and all the way through the process, the product of custom cases using rotomolding is relatively low when compared to other techniques. This process also makes it easy to incorporate additional customization like internal pipes and other structures, and metal threads. When it comes to specialty bottles, small production counts, and cylindrical containers, rotomolding is also a more cost-effective option than the usual blow molding,

Quicker Production Times

If you’re in a hurry, rotational molding should be your first choice. It’s a much quicker process when compared to injection molding and blow molding. With those options, you’re looking at about six months from beginning to end. With rotomolding, you can have your order complete in as little as three months. In that amount of time, you can produce twice as many cases with rotomolding as you would with injection or blow molding.

Enhanced Durability

With rotation molding, the case you get at the end up production is a much stronger and more durable product. That’s because, at the root of the process, you’re ensuring that each wall is constructed with an even thickness, ensuring that the case has no weak or thin points. The process is also low stress, meaning there will be thicker corners, which is especially helpful when it comes to shock absorption in case of a drop.


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