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Purge Valves and Their Role In Protecting Your Cargo

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016
Purge Valves

Purge valves can protect your cargo and custom case when it needs to be shipped at high altitudes.

Custom case design is all about mitigating potential risks that could affect your cargo. You don’t want to lose your valuable equipment because you didn’t consider how something like rain or humidity might get into your case. If you need your custom case to be waterproof, we can use various techniques and design strategies to achieve this. One of the more useful implements in waterproof custom case design are purge valves, and today we’ll talk about its importance in keeping your cargo safe from the elements. (more…)

Incorporating TSA-Approved Locks in Your Case

Monday, January 18th, 2016
TSA-Approved Locks Airplane

Any cases you may have that incorporate locks need to be approved by the TSA in order to be checked into an airline. Learn here how to incorporate these locks.

Regardless of what you are transporting or shipping in your custom cases, you should make sure that the locks are TSA-approved. Almost 2/3 of people drop off baggage and cases before boarding their flights, and depending on the size of the cases you bring to trade shows, you might be one of them. If you don’t incorporate TSA-approved locks into your case design, they will find a way in, even if it means cutting off the lock or irreparably damaging your custom case. (more…)

Air Transport Association Case Specifications :: ATA Cases

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Air Transport Association cases, also known as ATA cases, are designed to keep your delicate electronics and other sensitive items safe and secure during flight. To accomplish this, ATA cases follow a very strict list of criteria, including:

  1. An ATA case must be made of one of three materials: plastic laminate, fiberglass, or aluminum.
  2. An ATA case must be tested to withstand 100 shipments.
  3. An ATA case must be made with a multi-layer wood lining along the inner walls and partitions
  4. An ATA cases is made using steel rivets.
  5. An ATA case has a protective foam interior.
  6. An ATA case is both watertight and airtight.

These standards help ensure that your sensitive technologies and mission-critical equipment safely reach their final destination unharmed.

ATA Cases from Packaging Strategies Inc.

PSI, which is located in Baltimore, Maryland, specializes in the manufacturing of custom container solutions – including rotationally molded cases, injection molded cases, metal cases, and ATA cases. PSI’s clientele range from government agencies, branches of the military, and to small business.

Benefits of ATA Cases from PSI

  1. Custom Design: Each PSI case is built to fit YOUR specific needs.
  2. Durability: Our cases are heavy-duty, lightweight, shock resistant / resistant to impact, air tight, and water proof.
  3. Custom Cushioning: To truly ensure the safety of your equipment, PSI manufactures custom cushioning, as well.
  4. And more!

If you’re interested in learning more about ATA Cases, please contact Packaging Strategies Inc. by calling 410-547-7877, email, or click here today!

PSI designs and manufactures systems integration packages and container solutions for clientele who represent interest from the private sector and government agencies. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, we have assembled personnel with over 50 years combined experience in design, engineering, development, manufacturing, and sales.

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Philly Flight Cases

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Here at Packaging Strategies Incorporated we are proud of our strategic partnerships. Working with our vendors and suppliers allows us to access the finest products quickly and at a cost effective price, which we pass on to our clients. One of our great partners is Philly Case; they specialize in many different types of cases. One of their most popular cases is their flight cases.

Flight Cases

Philly Case Company manufactures many types of flight cases and custom built flight cases.

For the past 75 years, designing and creating custom flight cases has been a pivotal part of Philly Case Company. We are the leading flight cases manufacturer, supplying thousands of business, the US Military, and many top Fortune 500 companies. Our goal in providing you with a flight case is to protect the items or products you need to transport, backed with the highest standard of customer service.

Your new flight case will withstand the demands of repeated transportation. When manufacturing your custom flight case, we use the highest quality materials, assembled to secure your items in transport while reducing exposure to dust, moisture and other mildew causing elements.

We offer 3 lines of flight cases that are sure to suit your shipping needs. ATA Cases, Lightweight Poly Cases, and Roto Molded Case. Our selection of materials and options is unsurpassed.

Packaging Strategies Inc. prides itself on offering total packaging solutions, from design and prototyping to fabrication and custom cushioning solutions!

PSI’s approach to custom cases combines 3D modeling design with first article sampling to guarantee that the solution provided will perform correctly, eliminate delays in delivery schedule and not exceed cost expectations.

Investing in medical cases ensures that your expensive, high tech, and delicate medical devices survive transit.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Strategic Partnerships, please contact Packaging Strategies Inc. by calling 410-547-7877, email, or click here today!

Having the right container for your equipment is just as important as the equipment itself!

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