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Invest in a High-Quality Transit Case

Friday, February 28th, 2020
Invest in a High-Quality Transit Case

If you’re looking to purchase a high-quality transit case for your business or personal equipment, keep these two points in mind.

Fragile equipment and supplies are the name of the game in many industries today. Even industries that don’t require and use highly specialized and sensitive equipment still use computers and electronics in most fields. And when work requires that you travel, that equipment usually has to travel with you. It’s never a good idea to just pack your equipment in whatever. Maintaining the safety of your equipment is worth the investment required to get high-quality transit cases, whether that equipment is traveling beside you or being shipped on its own. If you’re looking to purchase a high-quality transit case for your business or personal equipment, keep these two points in mind. (more…)

Are Military Transit Containers Necessary?

Friday, June 2nd, 2017
Military Transit Containers

Why might you need custom military transit containers? Find out with us!

In today’s modern climate, with uncertainty and tensions constantly increasing between nations, wouldn’t you be happier and feel safer if you knew that your army’s equipment and weaponry are protected from potential national threats? Without saying war is inevitable, we can all agree that it’s best to be prepared. Well, if this is the case, then military transit containers aren’t only a good idea, they’re vital. The nation’s most sensitive material will be useless if it’s not safeguarded in transit. It only makes sense to invest in shielding this most precious of cargo.


Choosing the Right Interior for Your Military Custom Case

Friday, January 20th, 2017
Military Custom Case

Foam inserts are one way a military custom case can protect your delicate cargo.

Whenever essential equipment needs to be shipped to members of the military, it is crucial that the cargo does not arrive damaged in any way. Damage to the equipment during transport could end up proving fatal. Service members may be under fire or in a critical situation where the success of the mission depends on the successful delivery of this equipment. If the equipment is malfunctioning when it reaches its destination, it could quite literally be a matter of life and death. When you need to ship equipment and keep it protected from damage, the best course of action is to ship it with a military custom case. The interior of this case can be designed to accommodate any need your equipment requires. What are the kinds of things you should consider when choosing the right interior for your military custom case? (more…)

What is a Custom Case Load Spreader?

Friday, January 6th, 2017
Custom Case Load Spreader

A load spreader reduces the strain on the materials that a custom case is made of.

If you have a heavy cargo that needs to be transported in a custom case, you may be thinking about the human toll required for its transportation. Certainly, when possible, custom cases loaded with cargo need to be light enough to be able to be handled by humans or machinery. But you may not be thinking about the toll that heavy cargo can put on the custom case itself. Stress is defined as the measure of a load divided by area, and this stress can damage even the toughest materials. For very high payloads that need to be transported in a small area, a load spreader may be the solution. (more…)

Waterproof Cases and Their Use in the Military

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016
Waterproof custom cases

Keep the moisture away from your cargo with a waterproof custom case!

Waterproof custom cases are, in many industries and fields, not optional. They are the only thing protecting the sensitive equipment inside from being rendered completely useless. Waterproof cases are very commonly used in the military due to their flexibility, durability, and seamless integrative abilities. Why are waterproof cases so great for the military? (more…)

Why Custom Cases Are Perfect for Transporting Weapons

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016
Weapons Case

A custom case is perfect for transporting your weapons!

Custom cases are incredibly useful for a variety of industries, whether you need to transport sensitive medical equipment, protect delicate technology devices, or move weapons from one place to another. A well-designed custom case can mean the difference between safely transporting weapons and a potential disaster. Here are some of the major benefits that custom cases offer in terms of transporting weapons. (more…)

Why Go with Plastic for Your Custom Cases?

Monday, January 25th, 2016
Watertight Plastic Custom Cases

Plastic is a great choice as a material for your custom case. Learn more why.

When it comes time to choose between aluminum metal and plastic for your custom cases, the decision can be incredibly daunting. Why is plastic a great choice for custom cases? To start, it’s shock-resistant, watertight, airtight, and customizable to almost all of your needs! (more…)

Incorporating TSA-Approved Locks in Your Case

Monday, January 18th, 2016
TSA-Approved Locks Airplane

Any cases you may have that incorporate locks need to be approved by the TSA in order to be checked into an airline. Learn here how to incorporate these locks.

Regardless of what you are transporting or shipping in your custom cases, you should make sure that the locks are TSA-approved. Almost 2/3 of people drop off baggage and cases before boarding their flights, and depending on the size of the cases you bring to trade shows, you might be one of them. If you don’t incorporate TSA-approved locks into your case design, they will find a way in, even if it means cutting off the lock or irreparably damaging your custom case. (more…)

Removable Racks Can Make Equipment Exchange Simple

Monday, December 28th, 2015
Custom Case With Removable Racks

Removable racks can make your equipment exchange much easier in a less than ideal environment.

Even the most flexible technician can have trouble installing electrical equipment in a rack mount case. Generally, connections in the rear are made before mounting the unit inside the rack. However, it usually happens that cables bunch up behind the equipment and preventing it from sliding it into place properly. You then need another set of hands to draw the cables out gently while the hardware is pushed in, only once this is done can the securing screws be inserted. It’s tough enough to do in optimum conditions, so imagine how difficult it is to do in the field, potentially in low light conditions, with no help! Removable racks can help make this task much easier and is a great solution. Is a rack mount case equipped with removable racks the right case for your needs? (more…)

Customizing your Military Case

Friday, October 9th, 2015

When it comes to choosing a new custom military case for transporting important military equipment, there are three things that are looked for. These three characteristics can mean the difference between damaged and undamaged equipment arriving on the frontline.

1. Rack mounts- When you are shipping important computer and electronic equipment, rack mounts are ideal for military shipping. Rack mounts allow computers and electronics to be stored neatly and efficiently during shipping, keeping them safe from the outside elements. This characteristic also includes shock absorbers so the sensitive areas of your computer are never affected by the constant movement during shipping.
2. Climate Controls- When important equipment is being shipped to the front line, there is no telling what climates the packaging may experience. Sensitive military equipment can become easily damaged by severe changes in temperature along. Equipment can also become damaged if exposed to high heats and frigid colds. Climate controls will help maintain a balanced temperature within the custom military case at all times to prevent any serious damage from taking place.
3. Foam Inserts- Customizable foam inserts not only protect your equipment, but keep your equipment organized as well. The foam helps to absorb the movement during transport while the inserts themselves provide a specific area for each piece of your equipment. This means that your equipment will be protected during shipment and can be easily assembled once it has arrived.

Custom Military Case

At Packaging Strategies Incorporated, we create custom aluminum cases to protect the important equipment held inside. We know how essential a custom aluminum case is when transporting equipment for military and medical purposes. We pride ourselves on creating cases that meet every need of our customer while also exceeding their expectations, at a price that is affordable and reasonable. We are also proud of our service to every arm of the Department of Defense and United States military.

To get started with a custom military case from PSI, call us today at 410-547-7877. You can also visit our contact page online.

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