Choosing Between a Hard or Soft Custom Case

Choosing Between a Hard or Soft Custom Case

We’re going to help you decide on whether you should get a hard or a soft custom case.

Something everyone needs to know is that the right case can often be the difference between a safe trip for your luggage and a disaster that leaves all of your items in dysfunctional condition. But how do you know which custom case is best for you? There are two main types of cases: hard cases and soft cases. Each of them has its own set of pros and cons, and the type you pick will depend on what you’re packing, where your luggage is going, and how your luggage will travel. We’re going to help you decide on whether you should get a hard or a soft custom case.

Hard Custom Case

A hard custom case is made out of either polycarbonate, plastic, wood, or metal. With these cases, you usually open them in half, similarly to how you open up a clamshell. This type of custom case will also usually have one large compartment that is used to store whatever you’re packing inside of it.

These cases benefit from having a hard exterior that grants your luggage extra protection if your custom case is dropped or mishandled. This is helpful during air travel when luggage is likely to be tossed around frequently, as well as on bumpy car or bus rides. They also have more stain and water resistance. This makes having a hard custom case a safer choice when you’re worried about the weather outside.

The downside is that a hard custom case isn’t as resistant to cracks and scratching, making it less appealing if you’re trying to present a product to a client. They also aren’t as flexible, making them harder to fit into tight spots, such as overhead compartments found on airplanes. This also puts a stricter limit on what you can fit inside of your case.

Soft Custom Case

A soft custom case will often be made from leather, felt, or vinyl. They tend to have two wheels, as well as a telescoping handle that makes them easier to carry around. With a soft custom case, you will usually get many more compartments, resulting in extra storage space.

These cases benefit from being lighter than hard cases since they are made out of softer and lighter material. This makes them more convenient to carry. They also have more flexibility, making them easier to fit into those tight spaces that hard custom cases can’t. Soft custom cases will also not scratch or crack as easily, meaning your case will look like new for longer.

The trade-off is that you have to use weaker exterior material, meaning it becomes easier to tear your custom case. It will also absorb water, causing it to smell, which isn’t enjoyable for anyone, especially when you’re traveling great distances and have to put up with the smell for longer periods of time.


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