Choosing Between A Hard Or Soft Gun Case For Your Rifle

Choosing Between A Hard Or Soft Gun Case For Your Rifle

Let’s review the pros and cons of each type of rifle gun case.

A gun case for your rifle makes it easier to transport your gun, as well as helps to keep it safe. Rifle gun cases tend to fall into two broad categories: hard cases and soft cases. Each type has its perks and problems. With each rifle case having different pros and cons, you need to think about what you’re looking for in your case before choosing one. Let’s review the pros and cons of each type of rifle gun case.

Hard Cases

Pros: A hard rifle case gives more protection than a soft case. They protect against outside forces, including the elements of nature. Most are made from aluminum or plastic, with the interior lined with foam that protects your gun from impact. This interior also stops the gun from shifting around inside the case. Thicker interior foams are better. There are some cases that have model-specific foam designed to be the perfect fit. If you ever need to fly with your firearms, you need a TSA-approved hard gun case.

Cons: A hard gun case is usually more expensive than a soft gun case. They are also harder to transport due to their increased weight and bulk.

Soft Cases

Pros: A soft rifle case is lightweight, making it much easier to carry than a hard case. They are also more silent than hard cases, making them an ideal option for when you’re out in the woods hunting. A soft rifle gun case can also be waterproof. In fact, there are hunters who look for this feature in their gun case. Soft cases can even serve as a cushion when the gun isn’t in the gun case. Anytime you’re flying with your firearms; you’ll want to bring a soft gun case or gun sock with you whenever you are hunting. If you do this, you won’t have to carry a hard gun case with you.

Cons: A soft rifle case isn’t as safe as a hard case. Some hard cases have a locking system, but soft cases do not have this feature. Also, they don’t have foam interiors that keep your gun in place.

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