Why Your Custom Case Could Use Foam Inserts

Why Your Custom Case Could Use Foam Inserts

If you put foam inserts in your custom case, the contents you put inside it will have much higher protection.

Whenever you’re transporting your belongings, you need to consider how to get them to their destination without falling apart. No matter what it is you may be packing, you don’t want it to get damaged while it’s being moved. Your case could be put through some tough times during the transporting process. But you can take measures to avoid having your belongings get damaged. If you put foam inserts in your custom case, the contents you put inside it will have much higher protection.

Amazing Protection

No matter foam inserts you use, they will be cut and shaped for the exact materials you want to put in your case. This will result in a snug, close fit that offers superb protection regardless of the conditions your case is put through. To get the best foam inserts for your case, you’ll need to consider a few factors, such as:

  • Weight of the case and what you pack in it
  • The fragility of the contents
  • How your case and its contents get handled
  • Uses for your case and its contents

Make Packing and Shipping Easier

As long as you pick the right foam inserts, packing and shipping will be a lot easier for you. If you go with some other packing material like bubble wrap or packing peanuts, it could take a lot of time to prepare, all for less protection for your belongings.

It’s much simpler and safer when you use foam inserts. One layer of foam goes into the case. Next, the contents get put directly on top of the foam. After that, another foam layer is placed in the case, perfectly enveloping the contents of your custom case.

Professional Appearance

It’s important to consider where you’re going with your case, and who’s going to see the contents inside.  You want to impress people with what you’ve packed, and if what you put in your case is ruffled and mangled, it won’t impress anyone. Using foam inserts will ensure whatever you put in your case will be in perfect condition once it reaches its destination. This is especially helpful for companies trying to advertise their products because it will make their products look more appealing, which will boost sales.


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