Custom Cases for Retail Storage


Own a retail businesses? Custom cases might help with your storage needs.

Almost all companies buy in bulk- ordering too much of something so they have extras in case something sells surprisingly well or in case something gets damaged in transit-retail stores are no different. Custom cases provide not only security from the elements when storing extra stock but also a specially designed case unique to the product’s needs. Custom cases can be used in the medical industry, to the electronic industry and the benefits of these are incalculable.

Types of Cases

There are a few cases which may benefit a proprietor and allow them to avoid the problems that may arise from storing things for a long period of time. The Double Entry Rack Mount Cases for instance allow entry from two sides making it easier to stack cases. When short on space, these cases can be a wonderful help. Cases with foam interiors are also another thing to consider as well; the cushion of the foam allows for worry free transport of electronics, medical devices or other valuables that may be sold in retail. The design of these cases is to be able to withstand even the harshest tremors and upsets and remain intact and protecting your items. Packaging Strategies Incorporated uses 3-D technology to build prototype cushioning designs to meet individual needs.

Why Your Company

While the initial cost of a custom case is high and may not always seem necessary, custom cases are for more than government documents or the Department of Defense. These cases are custom built for your needs. You’ve invested a lot into your company, let us help you protect your investments with custom cases. You can never underestimate the benefits of having easy to handle, protective packaging for all your retail assets. This useful addition to your retail company will give you security.


Packaging Strategies Incorporated has long been an innovator in the making of custom shipping and carrying containers for the armed forced of the United States and we are frequently contracted with the Department of Defense. We believe as the marketplace continues to change and as we are trusted with more from our government we will continue to put out the highest quality products. Our customer satisfaction is unparalleled and we work to continue offering unique and innovative solutions to all carrying and shipping problems. For more of what we can do specifically for you, contact us online or via phone at 410-547-7877. For packaging tips and tricks follow us on social media: Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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