What a Custom Transit Case Does to Minimize Shock Damage

What a Custom Transit Case Does to Minimize Shock Damage

Use a custom transit case to protect your items from shock damage.

Motion can be a great enemy to electronics. You might be wondering as to why that would be. It is because of the threat of impact damage to these fragile items. If your electronics collide with the ground with enough force, it can cause serious damage to them, rendering them inoperable in many cases. Because of this, you need a container that can minimize the amount of shock damage your electronics take. This is where a custom transit case comes into play. These cases are more than your average container; they are specifically designed to take the bulk of shock damage away from your fragile electronic items. Instead of your items taking damage, the impact gets absorbed by your custom transit case.

The Shock Isolation System

Electronic mounts are the primary absorption tools that a custom transit case uses. These mounts are located in between the case itself and frame or the inner chassis. These electronic mounts will either expand or compress, depending on the situation, and this allows your transit case to absorb more kinetic energy. By absorbing kinetic energy in this manner, the contents of your custom transit case are kept safer. This is all done without bringing any harm to the housing.

It’s the same scenario whenever your transit case gets a jolt all of a sudden. The case will start to move, but because of the mounts compressing in whatever direction the motion goes, your items are kept more protected.

Supporting Large Amounts of Weight

Payloads that go over 350 pounds are above what elastomeric mounts are capable of absorbing. If the payload is too heavy, you won’t be able to absorb all of the motion and energy with your custom transit case. Instead, you would use rope wire isolators. These will help to find your transit case’s chassis. They will stretch and compress when shock impact affects your custom transit case, and they also lower how much acceleration the payload has to endure. On top of that, the payload won’t end up coming into contact with the case.

In Summary

You can’t always be sure how much protection your electronics are going to need. That’s why you shouldn’t leave anything to chance and get yourself a custom transit case capable of supplying you with the level of protection you need.


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