How Different Custom Cases Can Benefit From Foam Inserts

How Different Custom Cases Can Benefit From Foam Inserts

Here are the ways foam inserts can benefit different types of custom cases.

People have many choices regarding what to use to transport their equipment. But you have to be careful because if you choose the wrong method of transporting your items, it can cause them to become damaged and/or dysfunctional before they even reach their destination. When moving more fragile and delicate objects from one place to another, custom carrying cases are often the way to go. These cases can be designed to fit the exact dimensions of whatever items you’re carrying. This way, they don’t get jostled around during the trip. In addition to the custom case itself, giving your case foam inserts provides it with more protection. Custom foam inserts do plenty of good for anyone carrying delicate items. Here are the ways foam inserts can benefit different types of custom cases.

Aluminum Cases

Foam inserts are great for aluminum cases. Aluminum is a lightweight material, and it’s this lightweight attribute that lures people to these types of cases. If you want extra protection, you don’t want to add too much weight to the case. Foam inserts are perfect for this reason because they fit into your case with little trouble while minimizing the extra weight you have to carry. This way, you get extra protection for no extra inconvenience.

Medical Cases

Few items are more delicate than medical tools. These tools need to be kept in pristine condition, and if anything goes wrong when transporting them, the results can be disastrous. Fortunately, you significantly lower the chances of medical equipment getting damaged with the help of custom foam inserts. It’s the ability to be molded into any shape that makes foam inserts perfect for any medical custom case.

Custom Musical Cases

There are all sorts of instruments that can be fit into custom cases. For those that cases can hold, they sometimes have tools that are separate from the instrument itself (such as the bow on a violin. Packing an instrument with its tools in the same place puts everything at greater risk for taking damage. Going back to the violin example, if you have custom foam inserts, you can have the violin and the bow packed into separate areas of your case where they’re less likely to clash with each other and get damaged.


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