Get a Transit Case that Protects Against EMI

Get a Transit Case that Protects Against EMI

You need a transit case that can reduce the harm from EMI.

Electronics these days are susceptible to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), also known as Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). Lightning isn’t the only destructive force out there Radio and microwave emissions, routers, phones, and radar pulses can all affect our electronics. While this may sometimes be no more than an inconvenience, there are other times when data loss is a huge problem. You need a transit case that can reduce the harm from EMI.

An Electrically-Conductive Box

Many people know what it’s like to have their cellphone drop bars while in an elevator. This is because radio signals can’t get through the elevator walls. This is known as a “Faraday Cage,” named after a famous English scientist named Michael Faraday. In 1830, he showed people that a metal enclosure protects occupants from high voltages.

This is how it works. Since metal is a conductor, electricity can move freely. With regards to enclosures, the charges stay on along with exterior surfaces instead of going into the interior. It’s the same reason cars and airplanes are safe places to endure a thunderstorm.

Getting a transit case takes advantage of this phenomenon helps to shield your electronics because radio emissions stay on the outside of the case, protecting all of your contents on the inside.

The Conductive Shell

While you could pick any metal to give you an electrically conductive outside surface, aluminum is the ideal material for a transit case. That’s because it’s a lightweight material, making it easier to carry, and it’s easily formed. On top of that, aluminum’s electrical conductivity is superb. The one problem aluminum has is that it oxidizes quickly.

Composite and Polyethylene Cases

If you don’t like aluminum, another material to use for your transit case could be a composite material that has a conductive coating. It has the same problem as aluminum, which is that the coating will deteriorate over time.

Some cases have been made from thermoset and thermoformed materials that have conductive fibers. This offers a little attenuation, but the process comes at a high price. Something else you can do is insert a metal enclosure in your transit case. The drawbacks are that the case is heavier and that there is less usable space.


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