The History of Polyurethane Foam and How it Has Changed Packaging

The History of Polyurethane Foam and How it Has Changed Packaging

Find out more about the history of polyurethane foam and what impact it has today.

Custom cases can be designed in many different ways. One choice that gets made is determining what kind of packing material to use. One of the options people use is polyurethane foam. This is a wonderful packing material, and it has a history behind it. Before long, it had become the material of choice for many different items. It’s used for mattresses, shoes, and car seats, among other things. Find out more about the history of polyurethane foam and what impact it has today.

Polyurethane Foam’s Origin

Polyurethane first came to be in 1930. It was created in Germany but then manufactured in Europe once 1954 came around. It didn’t take too much time after that for the United States to start producing it as well, and this foam only became more popular from there.

Originally, this foam was used as the material of choice for mattresses, car seats, and upholstery as well. Eventually, that list of items expanded to include filters and sponges. Polyurethane foam even became a packing material after a while.

Why People Use Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam offers certain traits that other packing materials cannot provide to the same capacity. It is a highly durable packing material that is lightweight at the same time. It’s also one of the more versatile options available. Another great selling point is how cost-effective it is. Polyurethane foam is also highly customizable. You can adjust the foam so that it suits your needs, whatever they may be. This material is even good for the environment because it cuts down on the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Things Are Looking Up Thanks to Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam gets produced in high volumes in various parts of the world. With its versatility and proven reliability, it’s a packing material that you can trust moving forward. Just be sure that you find the right packing company if you’re ever thinking about having items transported. You want to choose a company that uses polyurethane foam and other high-quality materials for the containers they make. No matter what items you’re carrying, whether they be electronics, medical tools, or other types of materials, you deserve to have them packed in containers that provide the highest level of protection.


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