Important Custom Case Terms to Know

Custom Case

Reading up on getting a custom case? Here’s some lingo you should know.

Navigating the world of custom cases can be tricky if you aren’t sure what you’re talking (or reading!) about. Here are some of the most important custom case terms that will help to guide you throughout the design process.

Anti-Static Foam

Foam is commonly used to help keep sensitive electronics and equipment from moving and becoming damaged during the transit process. Anti-static foam is designed to prevent show from potentially ruining electronics.  If you are using foam as your primary shock protection agent and transporting electronics, anti-static foam is a great choice.

ATA Rated

This custom case term is used to refer to items that meet the rigorous guidelines of the Air Transport of America association. Different custom cases will have different ratings that correlate with how many shipments they can withstand and the add-on features that they have.

Cushioning Curve

This curve is a way of testing how well a different custom case material guards against shock. Cushioning curves are created by testing different materials with various weights. For example, weights could be dropped on pieces of anti-static foam to measure the g-forces and determine how well it will cushion products.


This custom case term is used to describe products that are going to be placed in custom cases. The G-factor is the amount of G-force any piece of equipment or electronics can withstand before becoming damaged.

IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68

These are custom case ratings used to describe how well the custom case can seal out the environment. IP stands for “Ingress Protection,” and the two following digits stand for different agents. 6 represents dust, and the second digit, 5, represents water in varying degrees. IP66 custom cases can withstand powerful streams of water, IP67 custom cases can withstand being submerged 1 meter for over 30 minutes, and IP68 custom cases can be continuously immersed in water.

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