Benefits of Injection Molded Cases

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Injection molded cases have many good qualities.

The various processes of molding custom cases all have certain things in common. However, the differences generally come into play when it’s time to get the material into the cavity, to take on the shape of the final product. When it comes to injection molded cases, the thermoplastic is forced into the cavity under pressure. Read on the learn more about the benefits of injection molded cases.



The process of creating an injection molded case is fast and easily repeatable. While it does take more of an investment than some other process, the benefits match the amount of money that goes into it. This is especially true in the creation of carrying and transit cases.


Complex Shapes

Injection molding uses precise and detailed tooling, making it possible to create more complex features and shapes. It’s much easier to achieve maximum strength because you can use reinforced ribs in very precise locations within the case. For sealing, the injection molding tools makes it possible to incorporate O rings for use when the case is closed.


Material Properties

When many people think about plastics, they think of a material that can be easily broken or that would melt in intense heat. In fact, that’s one of the most important factors of the thermoplastics using in injection molded cases – they must be reliable and durable enough to withstand various conditions that come with travel. The injection molding process allows for more control when the custom case is being created in the cavity, allowing for greater strength and rigidity.


Professional Appearance

In addition to strength and rigidity, the custom case must take on a professional appearance. It’s often that these cases are being using by professionals of various industries during important business trips. The tools used in injection molding help create a polished, seamless, and smooth appearance on the case. Not only will it be dependable, but it will look like a case that you can trust to carry expensive, important, and fragile materials and equipment.




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