Injection Molding & Rotomolding

Injection or Rotational

Injection molding or rotational molding? You decide.

When it comes to transporting and storing your valuable and delicate equipment, there is nothing like a custom case. Having a custom case made is a great way to ensure that your materials are adequately protected while giving you a professional, effective solution that looks just as good as it works. With that in mind, choosing the right case for you can be difficult. There are a variety of options that you will need to consider before you make any final decisions about your custom case. One of those being whether to use injection or rotational molding.

Stronger and Lighter

Injection molded cases use a standard size mold and are made using a combination of co- and homopolymers. This build allows for a very streamlined construction that makes for a clean, even build with single walls and a water-tight finish. Many of these types of cases include gaskets, air valves, and plastic catches. This type of case is particularly useful for those who need a case for traveling and showcasing, as it is lightweight and visually appealing.

Roto Molding Means Added Toughness

While injection-molded cases will always be lighter than those made with roto-molding both are exceptionally tough. However, roto-molded cases do have double walled corners that allow for a stronger frame and added durability. This feature makes roto-molding more essential if you are concerned that a case might be dropped or put in a situation where the corners may be under more stress.

Both Are Built To Your Needs

When you need a case that is custom fitted to your exact needs, injection molding and rotomolding are both there to help. Not only can they help to create cases that meet your exact specifications, but they can do that at a very cost-effective price. These molded cases can range dramatically in size and shape to fit every need. Not to mention, they can be equipped with additional features like air conditioning and temperature control units, sensors to show how much the unit has been moved, and even military grade hardware. If you’re looking for something a little simpler, there are plenty of units that are made to standard sizes for quick shipment too.



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