Introduction to Injection Molding

Injection Molded

Injection molded cases are versatile and durable.

Perhaps you are wondering how our durable, custom, plastic cases are made; we can tell you that they are made using a fascinating process called injection molding. Custom cases are great for housing your delicate equipment. They are strong and impact resistant while still looking sleek and professional. Cases made from injection molding can be used to store, transport, or house your important equipment, whatever it may be. Injection molded cases are streamlined and clean: a great choice for any of your custom case needs.

What is Injection Molding?

Injection molding first starts with a mold that is designed to the exact specifications and measurements that you need for whatever equipment you need to store and transport. Once the mold is made, plastic pellets are heated up so that they are liquefied and injected directly into the mold. This creates the frame of the case. A special device then is used to clamp the mold together during this process so that hot plastic does not leak out of the mold. This also prevents the case from developing any abnormalities during the injection process. Pressure control is used to keep the plastic hot enough to that a trained professional can inspect the case to ensure that all of the cavities are filled properly.

Why Injection Molding?

Now that you understand the process of injection molding, you may be thinking about what these cases would be used for. Injection molding gives the manufacturers a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing the shape of your specific case. Whatever your needs are, we are certain that we can design a custom mold for you. Injection molding allows us to design creative and durable cases without sacrificing on quality. These types of cases are also super cost effective, which saves you time and money. They do not require a lot of labor in manufacturing them, and we can even recycle the plastic that is left over. The machines that do the injection molding are also relatively inexpensive, allowing us to give you the best prices in the market.


Use Packaging Strategies Incorporated for All of Your Custom Case Needs

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