IP Rating Of Your Custom Electronics Case

IP rating

It’s important to consider IP rating when choosing a custom aluminum case.

When you’re traveling, you’ll surely want to bring your electronics along with you. These electronic devices have become so ingrained in our everyday lives that it’s difficult to leave them behind when we go on trips. We also want our devices to be secure when we are traveling. Fortunately, getting a custom aluminum case will allow you to travel with your electronics in a safe way. Many people know that they can customize their aluminum cases in many ways, but some overlook the importance of your case’s IP rating.


What Is IP Rating?

IP, which stands for Ingress Protection, is a measure of how effective a particular material is at keeping water and other unwanted things out. This is important to keep in mind when your transporting any valuable materials, but especially so when you’re transporting electronics. A material’s IP rating is designed to be simple for people to understand, with the rating coming in the form of the letters “IP” followed by a number. There are two digits in this number, the first of which shows its resistance to letting in solids, and the second doing the same for its ability to keep out liquids.


Choosing The Right Case

The first step to choosing the right case for your electronics is making sure to assess your needs for protecting your electronics. Each number corresponds to a place on a chart that lets consumers know exactly which situations the material would be able to withstand. For example, a second-digit rating of zero provides no protection from water, while one of eight provides protection even when it’s submerged in over one meter of water.


You should analyze what you’re going to be using your case for and look at which situations it’ll be in. If you plan on traveling places in an airplane, for example, it’s a good idea to seek at least some protection from dust and water. In this case, you probably wouldn’t need a case with a second digit of eight because there probably won’t be over a meter of water in your plane.



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