Pros and Cons of a Soft Gun Case

Pros and Cons of a Soft Gun Case

If you’re trying to determine if you should or shouldn’t get a soft gun case, here are the pros and cons of deciding to get one.

There are two main types of gun cases people use: hard gun cases and soft gun cases. Hard cases have their own range of benefits, including their superb crush-proof attributes and ability to adapt to various weather conditions. However, these cases can get clunky to carry. That’s why many people will choose a soft gun case instead. Soft gun cases have features that separate them from their harder counterparts. If you’re trying to determine if you should or shouldn’t get a soft gun case, here are the pros and cons of deciding to get one.

Pro: Lightweight

A soft gun case will be lighter than a hard case. This makes it easier to carry, which is helpful if you have to carry your case long distances. They are also quieter, which makes them suitable for certain tasks like hunting. A soft gun case will also have an easier time floating, which is useful if your case ever needs to go on the water.

Con: Less Security

A soft gun case doesn’t offer the same amount of protection as a hard gun case. Its softer exterior leaves it more susceptible to crushing than a hard gun case, so you have to take better care of your soft gun case if you want to avoid it taking damage. This also makes it tougher for your case to handle traveling long distances. If your case has to be transported by car or plane, it’s likely that shock damage will take more of a toll on it. You’ll still have protection, but not as much protection as you would with a hard gun case.

 Pro: A Soft Gun Case is More Flexible

A soft gun case is more malleable than a hard one. This lets you fit it more easily into nooks and crannies that wouldn’t accommodate a hard gun case, making transporting it more convenient.

Con: A Soft Gun Case Won’t Have Locking Features

Another pet peeve of using a soft gun case is that it won’t come with locking systems. This makes air travel more difficult because your items won’t be as secure during travel. Your case can also shift around more easily, making it more likely for your items to sustain damage.


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