What is a Purge Valve?

purge valve

Get your cargo to its destination safely – a purge valve keeps dust and water out while regulating air pressure within.

Here at Packaging Strategies Incorporated, we use the latest technologies to create custom cases to suit any need you can think of. Often, customers need a case that is waterproof to protect the cargo from the elements and extreme environments. We can make that happen using what’s called a purge valve. Any case that is waterproof ought to have one of these. What is a purge valve? Today we’re going to take a look at a little piece that can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your custom case.

Lets Air Flow, Keeps Water Out

A purge valve allows air to flow freely in and out of the case but stops dust and water from entering. Letting the air flow is critically important on watertight cases because the changes of atmospheric pressure due to altitude will make the pressure inside the case different from the pressure outside it. The situation is similar to the effect of a plunger on the floor – it creates a vacuum when pressed against a hard surface due to the change in atmospheric pressure. If a custom case travels from a place at sea level to a place high above sea level without a purge valve, the change in pressure can cause the case to become damaged or disfigured.

Two Types of Purge Valve

There are two main types of purge valves available on the market. An automatic purge valve is standard on high-quality brands like Pelican cases and will regulate the flow of air and changing pressure automatically. Lesser brands and lower quality cases use manual purge valves, which require you to press a button to release the pressure. This is not ideal, as a case with a manual purge valve could already be damaged by the time the case reaches its destination, which makes the whole concept rather pointless! Though a manual purge valve may be cheaper, spending the extra money for a high-quality automatic valve is a great insurance policy for your sensitive products.


At Packaging Strategies Incorporated, we create custom cases to protect the important equipment held inside. We know how essential a custom case is when transporting equipment for military and medical purposes. We pride ourselves on creating cases that meet every need of our customer while also exceeding their expectations, at a price that is affordable and reasonable. We are also proud of our service to every arm of the Department of Defense and United States military.

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