The Benefits of Custom Medical Cases from Packaging Strategies Inc.

Transporting anything can be a frustrating experience. Meanwhile, transporting expensive medical equipment, whether it be across the country or to and from a patient’s house, can be a complete nightmare. The medical industry is an incredibly specialized field. And because of this, medical equipment and instruments are also incredibly specialized and incredibly expensive.

So what is the solution to your transportation nightmare? A custom medical case from Packaging Strategies, Inc. (PSI)! Our high-quality medical cases can make all the difference, ensuring your medical instruments reach their final destination unharmed.

Benefits of Custom Medical Cases from PSI

Our custom medical cases are…

  1. Heavy duty
  2. Lightweight
  3. Shock resistant
  4. Air tight
  5. Water proof
  6. Custom Built!

PSI medical cases are customized to fit your medical equipment and are outfitted with a custom foam interior, ensuring your equipment is fully protected. We pride ourselves in offering our clients total packaging solutions, from design and prototyping to fabrication and custom cushioning solutions! How do we do this?

PSI’s approach to custom cases combines 3D modeling design with first article sampling to guarantee that the custom medical case will perform correctly, eliminate delays in delivery schedule and not exceed cost expectations.

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