Tips for Shipping Pre-Assembled Products

pre-assembled products

Follow these tips to get your pre-assembled products to their destination safely.

Whether you are shipping electronic devices that are ready to use or delicate medical equipment that needs extra care, your customers expect their products to arrive on time and in excellent usable condition. Wherever your products are headed, the packaging that you use is essential to making sure no damage occurs in transit. How can you make sure that your pre-assembled products arrive at your valued customers in great condition and that they trust your company, your packaging partner, and your shipping partner?

How Can You Pick the Right Packaging?

Choosing the right packaging is the most important part of shipping pre-assembled products. Here are some of the things you want to think about when sitting down with your PSI Cases packaging partner:

  • Review the shape and design of your product to see if it can use straightforward packaging (a square object in a square box) or if it will need specialized packaging (a custom case to fit its unique shape)
  • Discuss any delicate parts of your product like sensors, monitors, or sensitive mechanisms that could be particularly vulnerable during transit
  • Point out any accessories that need to be included with the product to figure out how they can be incorporated into the packaging

Shipping Medical Devices

One of the most common pre-assembled product categories is medical devices. Make sure that you work with a company like PSI Cases that has experience shipping sensitive medical equipment and that you sit down and discuss the following:

  • Being creative with shipping materials to make sure that the proper material (or materials) are used
  • Using non-conventional packaging shapes, sizes, or designs to properly ship your pre-assembled product
  • How to make sure that your customers are satisfied and that your current standard of shipping is raised, not lowered

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