Tips for Traveling Safely With Your Instrument

If you’re a musician, there are few things in this world more important to you than instrument(s). Whatever instruments you play, they are part of your life and your self-expression, so the safety of your instruments is important. While traveling with your instruments, they are open to all kinds of dangers that could damage them beyond repair. You not want to have to keep replacing your precious cargo, so finding suitable custom cases or plastic cases to protect them from rough travels is important.


Consider these safety tips for your instrument to make sure that you won’t miss a beat.

Plastic is Best

Plastic cases make for a fantastic tool to make your instrument is able to travel safely. If you invest in plastic cases for your instrument, you will find that these custom cases are perfect for easy customization to fit the needs of whatever your instrument of choice may be. These custom cases can be made to fit any type of instrument to secure their travel. No matter the size, shape, or weight, plastic cases are the ideal travel case for your instrument. Most importantly, plastic cases are easy to carry so you will not have to worry about damaging it yourself.

Look for ATA Approval

Whatever kind of custom cases you wish to use to allow your instrument to travel, you will want to make sure it is one that can travel by air too. There are many risks with traveling by air with an instrument, as they can easily be damaged whether you check them or have them as your carry on. That is why you should make sure you have the right custom cases, and that can start with finding one that is Air Transport Association (ATA) approved. ATA approved cases are often plastic cases, and also fiberglass or aluminum. They must also have a foam interior with a multi-layer wood lining in the interior wall and partitions, along with steel rivets. If you are traveling by air, ATA approved custom cases (preferably plastic cases), are a must.

Insure Your Instrument

No matter how secure your instruments may be in their safe custom cases, there are extreme cases where they can still be lost or damaged during travel. As a last line of defense, it might be wise to purchase travel insurance for a potential worst-case scenario.


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