Why Use Injection Molding?

Injection Molding

Injection molding is a great method to use for your custom case.

When we think of injection molding, what comes to mind is usually injection molded plastic, specifically all the cheap plastic toys we had as kids, with the little plastic tags left over from the process. But injection molding goes far beyond cheap kids meal toys. This is a process where a material, often but not always a thermoplastic, is injected into a cavity, filling it and taking the shape of that mold. The mold is a 3D mirror of what you want the finished product to look like, so the end result is a piece that is exactly the shape and size you need, every time. This is great when it comes to custom cases, where the many benefits of injection molding outweighs the costs.Inj

Variety of Shapes

Since the thermoplastic is heated and flows into the cavity, it takes on any shape and detail in the mold. Highly complex tooling allows us to create molds that fit your exact needs and specifications. If one section of the case will need more reinforcing ribs, we can add them and the plastic will create them. The injection molding process also allows for O-ring grooves that can be molded in, offering an unsurpassed seal when your case is closed.

Low Cost But High Quality

There are lots of ways that injection molding is an inexpensive process.  There is very little wasted material (gone are the days of those little plastic flaps on your toys), since the molten plastic is injected directly into the mold. The molds can often be reused to make multiple cases.  Most thermoplastics are also recyclable as well. Finally, the process allows for such detailed designs, that the cases really stand up to rugged use and hold their value for years.

Nice Appearance

While the beauty or aesthetics of your custom case may not be your top priority, it probably falls in there somewhere. We always want the things that we buy to look nice. As a business professional, you want your gear to reflect your polished, confident character. An ugly or rough case wouldn’t convey that as well, but injection molding offers a beautiful, smooth finish you can be proud to show off.

Unique Material Properties

Since the thermoplastic material has to be molten to flow into the cavity, there are many characteristics that can be tweaked in the process. We can control the rate of flow and the final rigidity or flexibility of the product to give you a custom plastic case that meets your exact needs.


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