Using Custom Cases for A/V Equipment

A/V Equipment

A/V equipment is expensive and fragile, so getting your custom case right is imperative.

If you’ve ever talked to a photographer or videographer about their equipment, you know how important and fragile that stuff is. And if you’re a photographer or videographer yourself, then it’s obvious how important protecting your A/V equipment is. If you’re spending $300 just on a lens, you need the protection that only a custom case can provide.

Foam Inserts

Custom foam inserts allow your camera bodies to rest perfectly in their cases. If you’re planning on taking your camera on an airplane or are even just shooting in rugged conditions, you’ll definitely need foam inserts made for your camera. They’ll wrap around the body of your camera so that you can be confident your A/V equipment will not be damaged.

Connected Cases

Want an easy access point to charge your gear while it’s still in the case? The great thing about custom cases is that you can implement I/O panels, charging ports, or whatever connection options you may need. Keep your equipment fully connected at all times. You can even set up display ports, so you can run your equipment directly into monitors or projectors and have real-time playback.

Plastic or Aluminum?

Custom cases can come in a variety of options, notably plastic and aluminum. Aluminum is much more resistant to damage, but plastic has a wider range of customization options. Using a plastic case allows you to design the case that you need–for however many camera bodies or lenses you may have, you can have the perfect amount of space. A/V equipment can be as unique as the person using them, and you need a unique case to go along with it all. Getting a custom case for your media equipment is the best way to keep it all safe.

Packaging Strategies Incorporated for All of Your Custom Case Needs

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