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Custom Pelican Cases

At PSI, we are proud of the partnership we have formed with Pelican Cases, which allows us to access the finest products quickly and at a cost effective price – a price we pass on to our clients.

Pelican cases and products have been around since 1974 and Pelican has quickly grown into one of the worldwide leaders in the manufacturing of heavy duty shipping containers and protective cases. Pelican products can be found in the hands of law enforcement officials, firefighters, medical personnel, military troops, and even outdoor enthusiasts all over the world.

Made from a futuristic high-impact copolymer resin, Pelican cases are designed to be lightweight, waterproof, submersible, and almost impossible to break. These cases are built to handle the toughest assignments without ever scratching or denting.

PSI produces systems integration packages and container solutions for clientele who represent interest from the private sector and government agencies – from industrial and consumer products to firefighters, police, defense/military, and aerospace.

PSI and Pelican have teamed up to produce custom shipping cases designed to last a lifetime. 

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