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PSI - We're Built to Win

PSI was founded by industry experts who knew they could manufacture a higher quality product and deliver that solution faster than the competition.

We've engineered, designed and built carrying and shipping containers for multiple branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Members of the armed services rely on PSI for their mobile and tactical electronics shipping and carrying cases, as well as fabricated packaging materials.

In addition, the Department of Defense and our country's security agencies have used PSI again and again to get the job done right - because in those areas, there's a lot riding on the job, and within each carrying case.

As the current marketplace continues to change, and budgets experience drastic cuts, we've embraced the challenges of this environment with successful win strategies.

PSI recognizes that a winning proposal offers unique and innovative solutions to performance specifications and combines technical expertise with low cost to meet Best Value requirements.

PSI's core product since its inception has been the manufacture of transportable electronic reusable shipping and carrying cases. Our expertise, qualified personnel and on-site production facilities allow us to meet and exceed every client's needs.

At PSI we build to win, because we're built to win.

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