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Industry Focus

Ready to Serve

PSI's expertise in creating and building shipping and carrying cases for mobile and tactical electronics has benefitted a variety of businesses.


As a 9001 ISO Certified and Registered company, we're the perfect partner for government agencies and bureaus who need quality products delivered quickly and under budget.

We're familiar with the requirements of government contracting, and because our facilities are located in a hub and empowerment zone, we qualify for other government opportunities.

Department of Defense

PSI has worked closely with every arm of our country's defense forces, and ensured that the tactical and sensitive electronics they use arrive ready for deployment. What's more, our case systems are easy to master and ensure that these same instruments arrive safely home from the zone of operations.

Private Industry

Hardware giants such as Dell and Northrop Grumman have tapped PSI Cases to produce container and packaging solutions for their contracted work. We can take a general set of specs and design and manufacture the required product - and deliver it on time.

Your Company

Have you been asked to locate a case company that can quickly, and accurately, satisfy the demands of your superiors? Are you new to this particular kind of business? PSI's years of experience and support team make this type of project easy to understand and execute. If you have an idea of what you need, we can turn it into reality.

Flexible, hard working and willing to guide clients, PSI produces quality work at prices that remain within budget.

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