3 Extreme Climates Perfect for Custom Cases

Custom Cases

Our custom cases are made to withstand the toughest weather, under any condition.

Some people are born with wanderlust, an insatiable desire to travel everywhere and see everything.  They want to explore and travel the globe, from the freezing cold arctic, to dry deserts, to damp and humid jungles, and more. These adventurers want to see and do it all and they won’t let extreme weather get in their way. Lucky for them, Packaging Strategies Incorporated understands that and we are here to help. Our custom cases are trusted by travelers everywhere to get their supplies wherever they need to go.  We make cases that are durable without being too heavy and are easy to travel with, no matter where your wanderlust takes you.  So, where can Packaging Strategies Incorporated take you?

The Arctic: Extreme Cold

Whether you’re ice fishing, exploring the Siberian wilderness, or climbing Mount Everest, it is ridiculously freezing cold.  You need a custom case that you can trust to keep your gear safe. Our lightweight, durable cases are made specifically for YOUR needs.  No matter how cold it is, PSI custom cases have you covered.

The Desert: Extreme Heat

Enjoying a camel ride through the Arabian desert, a safari in the Sahara, or exploring the Egyptian Pyramids? Our custom cases will protect your gear through it all.  On the outside, your things will be protected from harmful UV exposure.  Inside, it will be cushioned in state of the art technology that will protect it from heat.  The foam also acts as a shock absorber should your case fall at some point in your journey

The Jungle: Extreme Moisture

From South American Rainforests to the wet and wild jungles of Tasmania, PSI custom cases will keep your gear protected form all of that moisture.  We use top-notch waterproofing technology to make sure your things stay safe and dry.


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