What Are the Benefits of Rotational Molding?

Rotational Molding

Rotational molding can offer many benefits for custom cases.

When it comes time to design the perfect custom case for your product, there are countless choices to make—what type of molding process to use, what shock protection measures to take, what shape the case should be, and whether or not to conduct package testing. Choosing the type of molding for your case is an important decision that directly affects the effectiveness of the case and your bottom line. Here are some of the many benefits of rotational molding.


Rotational molding creates incredibly strong cases that can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Custom cases made using rotational molding are resistant to impact, chemical attack, and environmental elements that could damage other types of cases. As a result, rotational molding is a popular choice for cases that travel frequently, need to be used in different climates and parts of the world, are used in the military, or are used commercially.

Endless Customization Options

If you want a truly custom case, rotational molding offers many different customization options for you. You can choose from many different additional features like double walls, inserts designed to fit the case, detailed contours to match the product inside, and threaded tank necks. You can also choose from a broad range of materials and colors to get a case that perfectly reflects your branding and the product inside.

Cost Effective

Rotational molding is also a fantastic option for your bottom line. The steps of the process allow it to move along quickly and use fewer materials, making your cost lower and your production faster.  The startup equipment for rotational molding is also less expensive than comparable molding methods, so the savings up front get passed onto you. Rotational molding is well known for offering top-quality custom cases at affordable prices.

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