When It’s Best to Use Custom Foam Inserts

When It's Best to Use Custom Foam Inserts

Custom foam inserts offer a level of protection that other packaging materials can’t provide.

There are all sorts of packaging options these days. Understanding the characteristics of each option is crucial to getting the best protection for your items. For many packaging solutions, people use added protection beyond what the container itself can provide. Some elect for packing peanuts, which, while offering additional protection, don’t always provide a sufficient enough barrier between your items and the forces that are acting on your container. This is why we recommend custom foam inserts. Custom foam inserts offer a level of protection that other packaging materials can’t provide.


For people who need to carry delicate electronic equipment with them, you understand how easily these items can break or otherwise be rendered inoperable. If you don’t have sufficient protection, your electronics will be destroyed before you can even use them.

With custom foam inserts, this will no longer be a problem. Simply add them to your case, and you have packing material that perfectly fits your fragile electronics. They are custom built to fit the exact dimensions of whatever items you’re carrying, which helps to minimize shock damage.

Other Fragile Materials (Porcelain, Glass, Etc.)

You should always use custom foam inserts when transporting anything that can be broken or cracked with ease. This is particularly crucial for materials such as glass and porcelain. These materials are also incredibly delicate and don’t take much to break. Also, glass and porcelain are dangerous when they break because they present sharp edges that can easily injure people. The last thing you need is to get yourself cut on a sharp piece of broken glass. Thanks to custom foam inserts, you’ll have all of the padding you need to keep your delicate glass and porcelain items from breaking and presenting risks to people.

Products With Many Pieces

Items that come in many pieces take time to assemble. You wouldn’t want someone to open your case only to find a jumbled up pile of pieces inside of it. The problem is that cases don’t tend to be kept right-side-up for the entirety of travel. That’s why you need custom foam inserts. Inserts will keep your product(s) in place no matter how often your case gets tossed around.


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