Choosing The Right Gun Case

Choosing The Right Gun Case

We will be looking at some different options to find out which gun case is the best fit for you.

Whether you’re heading to a gun shop, the woods, or out to the shooting range, there’s a good chance you’ll be carrying a firearm with you. With many firearms, you’ll probably be carrying it in a case. But what’s the best case for your gun? There are so many choices out there that come in a large range of prices and an overwhelming selection of features. We will be looking at some different options to find out which gun case is the best fit for you.

Hard Case

A classic choice that was reliable back in the day is the hard shell case. These cases were normally created from wood because it was a material that was readily available to people back in the past. A gun case like this would normally hold one gun. They are not as reliable these days and the main reason you would ever consider purchasing one it if you’re a collector of sorts looking to add another antique to your collection.

There are more modern hard shell cases available, though, which are metal and plastic gun cases. A metal gun case will normally be made from aircraft aluminum, which makes it light and strong at the same time, all while giving it that professional look. The downside is that they are typically more expensive, but you get a great deal of protection for what you’re paying.

Waterproof Case

Waterproof cases are on the rise in popularity lately. The idea behind waterproof cases was inspired by people in the photography business who used their types of cases to keep their high-priced cameras from suffering water damage. There are upsides and downsides to this style. The bad news is that you will need to be extra attentive when cleaning your case. Water causes your gun to rust, so leaving your gun in your waterproof gun case while there’s still water inside will take a huge toll on it. But the good news is that, if you take good care of the gun and the case, you will have all the protection you need against rain.

Soft Case

The best lightweight solution available is the soft case. This type of gun case is usually made from nylon or ripstop material. The interior is designed with soft foam that can work with many different guns and accessories. The exterior is usually built with pouches that can fit extra magazines, ammunition, and cleaning items.

They don’t offer as much protection as a hard case, but they are a solid option for when you head to the gun vault. Also, because of the many pouches, a gun case like this offers, you won’t need to carry an extra range bag with you.

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