Considerations Before Buying a Custom Musical Instrument Case

Considerations Before Buying a Custom Musical Instrument Case

Here are the considerations you should make before investing in a custom musical instrument case.

No matter where you’re traveling, you’re going to want to keep your musical instruments safe during the trip. Musical instruments are fragile and expensive. Without proper care, they can easily break and demand immediate repairs or replacing. You want to avoid all of this hassle whenever possible. For this reason, you’ll want something to prevent your instrument from ever being damaged in the first place. This is when it’s great to have a custom musical instrument case. They offer quality protection against moisture, weather, and shock damage, among other things, keeping your instruments as safe as possible.

Not all cases are made alike, however. You need to know you’re picking the right one. Here are the considerations you should make before investing in a custom musical instrument case.

What Instrument Are You Transporting?

There are many types of instruments. Instruments have a plethora of sizes, shapes, and weights. This will influence how large your custom musical instrument case will be, as well as whether you should carry it or if you should have wheels attached to make your instrument easier to transport. Some instruments are more delicate than others as well, so for more fragile ones, you may want to invest in cases made from more shock-absorbent material.

Should You Use Foam Inserts?

Foam inserts provide additional protection against shock damage. This is especially important for fragile instruments that can’t handle much misuse. If you have a frail musical instrument, foam inserts are likely going to be in your best interest.

How Will the Weather Be During Travel?

Weather can be unpredictable, and your custom musical instrument case has to be ready for anything Mother Nature has to throw at you. You’ll likely want a water-resistant case to combat any rain and humidity you may encounter. Insulation can be useful if you’re worried about excessive heat warping your instruments. No matter what the weather wants to throw at you, it’s up to you to be ready with a high-quality protective case.

What Obstacles May Come Up During Travel?

More than weather can impact your custom musical instrument case. Depending on how you’re transporting your instrument(s), you can run into other problems. Cases often get tossed around during air travel if you’re flying by plane. You also have to worry about people mishandling your case. You want a custom musical instrument case that has the necessary durability to handle a little misuse.


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