Customizable Military Cases

When it comes to choosing a new custom military case for transporting important military equipment, there are three things that are looked for. These three characteristics can mean the difference between damaged and undamaged equipment arriving on the frontline.

1. Rack mounts- When you are shipping important computer and electronic equipment, rack mounts are ideal for military shipping. Rack mounts allow computers and electronics to be stored neatly and efficiently during shipping, keeping them safe from the outside elements. This characteristic also includes shock absorbers so the sensitive areas of your computer are never affected by the constant movement during shipping.
2. Climate Controls- When important equipment is being shipped to the front line, there is no telling what climates the packaging may experience. Sensitive military equipment can become easily damaged by severe changes in temperature along. Equipment can also become damaged if exposed to high heats and frigid colds. Climate controls will help maintain a balanced temperature within the custom military case at all times to prevent any serious damage from taking place.
3. Foam Inserts- Customizable foam inserts not only protect your equipment, but keep your equipment organized as well. The foam helps to absorb the movement during transport while the inserts themselves provide a specific area for each piece of your equipment. This means that your equipment will be protected during shipment and can be easily assembled once it has arrived.

Custom Military Case

At Packaging Strategies Incorporated, we create custom aluminum cases to protect the important equipment held inside. We know how essential a custom aluminum case is when transporting equipment for military and medical purposes. We pride ourselves on creating cases that meet every need of our customer while also exceeding their expectations, at a price that is affordable and reasonable. We are also proud of our service to every arm of the Department of Defense and United States military.

To get started with a custom military case from PSI, call us today at 888-774-7557. You can also visit our contact page online.

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