Defending Military Phased-Array Radar Equipment During Transportation with Custom Electronic Cases

phased-array radar

We work closely with military and government agencies to design military-specific custom electronic cases.

Military phased-array radar equipment is costly and needs to be defended from damage during transportation. As a rotating parabolic-antenna device, the unique shape of phased-array radar equipment can be challenging to protect unless you’re working with a custom electronic case that’s been manufactured to military specifications with custom cushioning systems that outline the equipment’s unique shape. At PSI, we work closely with military and government agencies to design military-specific custom electronic cases to withstand harsh elements and lengthy deployments.

Why Does Military Phased-Array Radar Equipment Need a Custom Electronic Case?

A custom electronic case is critical to protect military phased-array radar equipment during lengthy deployments, cross-country travel, and inclement weather conditions. At PSI, our in-house prototyping and manufacturing works alongside military and government agencies to ensure that all of our custom electronic cases are military-spec compliant. As a fragile and costly piece of military equipment, you’ll need the highest level of protection possible for phased-array radar equipment. PSI can ensure your phased-array radar equipment is thoroughly protected in all of our environmental and shock-tested custom cases. 

Our Custom Cushioning Solutions Envelop Your Electronics Equipment

We fill each of our custom electronic cases with a custom cushioning solution to envelop your phased-array radar equipment’s unique shape entirely. Equipping your custom case with proper cushioning solutions designed by PSI Cases can help ensure the ultimate protection of your military equipment during lengthy deployments and environmental exposures. We can use either polyurethane foam or polystyrene as a barrier to absorb shock energy before it comes into contact with your phased-array radar equipment. 

In-House Product Fulfillment: Less Waiting for Your Military-Spec Custom Electronics Case

Our in-house product fulfillment can ensure that there’s a minimal waiting period between the time you place your order and the time your product is built and put into your hands. We also implement a competitive cost structuring system that guarantees the minimization of costly errors at your expense. Contact PSI Cases today!


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