Features You Want For Your Custom Case

Features You Want For Your Custom Case

Here are some of the most desirable features for your custom case.

When you need items transferred from one place to another, you don’t want to resort to just any old container. If you don’t invest in a high-quality container, your items will most likely suffer damage before they reach their destination. To get the best level of protection, a custom case is often the way to go. All custom cases can be decked out with different features, and the features you want will depend on your situation. But there are some traits you’ll always want your custom case to have. Here are some of the most desirable features for your custom case.


Your items will likely get tossed around frequently while they are being transported. Shock damage can very easily become a problem for your custom case if you aren’t prepared. If you invest in a case that has shock protection, you won’t have to worry about how much your case gets thrown around. A shockproof custom case has a much better chance of preserving everything you put inside.


For some trips, your custom case might be exposed to water. Having a waterproof case comes in handy under circumstances like this. It’s especially important to be waterproof when you’re handling equipment that can’t afford to get wet, such as fragile electrical or medical equipment. If your items can’t afford to get wet and/or you suspect your case will be exposed to a great deal of water, getting it waterproofed will be in your best interest.

Foam Inserts

When a shock-resistant case isn’t enough, you can get even more shock protection in the form of custom foam inserts. With foam inserts, your items will have the perfect place to be nestled. Foam inserts are designed to fit your items’ exact dimensions, so you can have them fitted to work with anything you want to put in your case. It’s that little bit of extra protection that can make the difference, and the foam inserts are even reusable, so you’ll get your money’s worth by investing in them.

Durable Material

Lastly, your custom case should be made out of durable material. If you pick a sturdy material, your case will have a more dependable exterior to keep your items safe. It can also help if the material is lightweight, such as with aluminum, so that you can carry your case around easily.


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