Guide to Custom Cushioning for Weapons Cases

weapons cases

You can depend on PSI to provide custom cushioning solutions for weapons cases that are durable and impact-resistant.

At Packing Strategies Incorporated, we supply custom cushioning solutions for our custom cases to protect weapons during transportation. As a solid barrier between the exterior and interior of a custom weapons case, custom cushioning solutions can protect weapons from shock and environmental impact in numerous transportation conditions. Whether you’re undergoing a deployment abroad or traveling on a mission to a site unknown, you can depend on PSI to provide custom cushioning solutions for weapons cases that are durable and impact-resistant. 

Why Weapons Cases Need Custom Cushioning

It’s critical to protect weapons in a custom case with a custom cushioning solution within the interior. Custom cushioning can protect the fragile components of firearms that may accidentally become damaged during transportation without a custom case and cushioning solution. During military deployments and missions, weapons should be adequately stored within a case that’s guaranteed to be impact-resistant and shock tested. All of our custom cases and custom cushioning solutions are prototyped in-house, modeled to military specs, and shock-tested to the highest military-grade standards.

Foam Inserts for Custom Cushioning Solutions

Many military and government contracts opt for custom foam inserts to protect their weapons during transportation. These foam inserts ensure that your guns stay in one place and are modeled around the exact shape of your weapon. We can incorporate polyurethane or polystyrene foam as part of your custom cushioning solution to build a strong barrier that protects your weapon upon impact. This barrier absorbs all energy from shock so that you can rest assured that your weapon wasn’t damaged during transportation. 

Trust the Professionals at PSI 

Our engineers have over 100 years of combined experience in prototyping and building out custom cases with custom cushioning solutions at PSI. We’ve worked with military and government contracts to provide them with durable solutions to protect weapons during transportation from impact and environmental elements. Contact PSI today for all of your custom cushioning solutions for weapons cases!


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