How Custom Packaging Plays a Critical Role with Pro-Audio/Video Equipment

psi cases custom packaging pro audio video equipment

Custom packaging for your pro-audio/video equipment ensures a tailored and secure fit for all equipment parts.

When transporting professional audio/video equipment, you can’t have the transportation of your equipment damage or ruin your valuable cameras and microphones. Fortunately, Packaging Strategies is here with custom packaging solutions to provide you with the ultimate security and protection you demand due to extreme usage. Our custom hard-shell cases sourced from the best brands are lightweight enough to carry but strong enough to withstand all kinds of transportation and climates. Best of all, they are made in the United States. Cameras function best when they are stored, cleaned, and ready to go on a moment’s notice. Custom packaging is ideal for all pro-audio/video tools to ensure the best protection and the most convenient access to your equipment. How else does your packaging ensure optimal performance for your equipment? 

Custom Foam Configurations Ensure Maximum Protection 

A critical component of packaging for pro audio/video equipment is the foam that surrounds and cushions your equipment within each case. Custom foam inserts enable you to use foam interiors tailored to your specific audio or video equipment. Packaging Strategies provides detailed engineering design services to create the perfect solution for your particular needs. 

While the hard exterior shell of your equipment case protects your cargo from exterior threats, foam casing prevents the equipment from moving within the case, absorbs shock, and prevents scratches or other cosmetic damage that can degrade the performance of the equipment.

Packaging Strategies uses our in-house 3D modeling program and cutting-edge fabrication equipment to produce custom foam inserts for the best fit and superior protection. 

Add Dividers and Extra Storage When Needed

When exploring your custom packaging options for audio/video equipment, you have the choice of adding additional storage compartments within each case. In addition to storing your camera or microphone within the protective custom foam, you may need padded dividers. 

These dividers are often made of durable nylon and foam and allow you to easily change the compartment size as needed. These dividers allow you to contain cords, lenses, filters, camera cleaning tools, or other essential items you want to have within reach. 

You may also create a custom case with mesh pockets that allow you to store memory cards or documents alongside your primary equipment. 

Design Custom Packaging Suited to Your Gear Loadout

One of the most convenient benefits of custom packaging for pro audio/video equipment is that you can arrange your equipment within your case to accommodate your preferred gear loadout process. 

You don’t have to worry about carrying “too much” gear. Many times instead, you can fit all relevant equipment and accessories into single cases that provide you the convenience of having everything you need by just opening up your case and start taking photos, video, or sound. 

When storing your camera rig in your chosen configuration, you can save time on set-up when on location, preparing to capture critical and possibly fleeting moments with your cameras. Packaging Strategies can help you create the custom case that will contain your necessary equipment and accessories, all in one place.


Packaging Strategies has assembled a team with over 50 years of experience in design, engineering, development, manufacturing, and sales. We design and manufacture complete systems integration packages and container solutions of all sizes and materials for our clientele. Many of these clients are federal agencies or in the private sector. No matter what you need to carry, Packaging Strategies is sure to have the right case for the job. You can view our website here, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Linkedin.

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