Why It’s Important to Use Custom Foam Inserts

Why It's Important to Use Custom Foam Inserts

If you go with custom foam inserts, you offer your items the most protection they can get.

Many companies have delicate objects they want to preserve. While storing such fragile items is safer, it can be a pain transporting them from one place to another. Perhaps you’re a company that sells things such as drones and other electronics that require people handling them carefully. Maybe you’re moving out of your house, and you have belongings that are easily breakable that you need to transport. What’s the best solution for transporting these items? If you go with custom foam inserts, you offer your items the most protection they can get.

Where Can I Get Custom Foam Inserts?

Here at Packing Strategies Incorporated, we offer high-quality custom cases, which can be equipped with custom foam inserts for top-of-the-line protection. Our custom foam inserts are designed to fit the dimensions of whatever you need to have transported, meaning they will always be the perfect fit.

Why Would I Use Custom Foam Inserts?

While you could try simply placing your items in any container, it would present more risks to whatever you put inside. Using a simple wooden crate with packing peanuts only offers so much protection, and your items are likely to get tossed around while being transported. This can result in significant damage to everything you wanted to transport. Sometimes, items can be rendered inoperable when they aren’t granted enough protection while getting from Point A to Point B.

Even a custom case alone might not be enough protection. While custom cases offer more protection than wooden and cardboard boxes, they still have their limits. Adding custom foam inserts helps absorb more shock damage your items may have otherwise sustained.

Qualities of Custom Foam Inserts

Custom foam inserts can alter their shape to fit the exact dimensions of whatever you put in your case. This makes them a one-size-fits-all option for whatever you need to have transported.

They are also shock-absorbent, as mentioned prior. This means that whatever you pack in your case won’t suffer as much shock damage while being brought to its destination.

On top of that, custom foam inserts have high durability. This means they are long-lasting and can be used for several trips. You would have to be actively trying to damage your inserts to destroy them. Sometimes, your foam inserts end up being so durable that they outlive the case that they accompany.


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