Interior Tips for Military Custom Cases

Military Transit Containers

Learn how to design the interior of a military cases.

The right interior is essential for an effective military custom case. Every custom case is different, and military custom cases have specific features that differentiate them from others on the market. Military custom cases should hold up in a variety of inhospitable conditions, protect their contents in any situation, and be able to stand up to a great deal of wear and tear. Here are some of our best interior tips for designing your military custom case.

Climate Control Capabilities

Climate control is important in any military environment, whether soldiers are stationed overseas in a hot and dry place or at home in a frigid location. A military custom case should be customized to meet the location it is headed to and potentially others. Climate-controlled military custom cases can include refrigeration, or thermoelectric cooling capabilities that ensure items inside stay below or at a precise temperature.

Advanced Shock Protection

Shock protection is another important part of a military custom case so that everything inside will not be jostled or broken during transit. Being used in the military means being handled roughly so that custom-cut foam inserts can protect the contents. Sensitive equipment, including firearms, can be protected with professionally-designed shock protection inserts by PSI Cases. Not sure how much shock protection your custom case needs? Our team can help guide you through it.

A Watertight Seal

If the contents of the military custom case are at risk of being compromised if they become wet, a watertight seal is necessary. A tight seal will keep out dust, debris, and water. Many types of custom cases can survive underneath multiple feet of water if necessary. If there is any risk of a case getting wet or filled with dust (as is often the case in military situations), a watertight seal is a must.

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