Items You Should Protect With Foam Inserts

Items You Should Protect With Foam Inserts

Here are some items that are more fragile, and therefore should be given extra consideration for custom foam inserts.

With so many items getting transported on a regular basis, there are some that will likely have the misfortune of being mishandled. You don’t want to be someone putting your items at risk. Fortunately, you don’t have to put anything at risk. If transporting items with the help of a custom case isn’t sufficient enough protection, you can go a step further and get custom foam inserts to add to your case. Some items are in need of more protection than others. Here are some items that are more fragile, and therefore should be given extra consideration for custom foam inserts.


Electronics are notoriously fragile across the board. They are constructed from a multitude of tiny, delicate materials. If any of these tiny pieces is damaged, an entire device could be compromised. You want to minimize the damage your electronics take, and custom foam inserts do a great job at reducing shock damage. They are built for the exact dimensions of your custom case, so your items will fit perfectly every time. Other packing options don’t accommodate for the exact items you’re carrying, which leaves a higher chance for them to get tossed around during travel.

Glass and Porcelain

There’s always the chance of items breaking and shattering during travel. Among the items that can break, glass and porcelain are especially fragile. What’s worse is that you are putting more than the items themselves at risk by not optimizing your protection with foam inserts. When glass and porcelain break, you are left with a pile of sharp shards that make it dangerous to put your hands inside of your custom case. It’s bad enough when your items get damaged, but you don’t want to get yourself injured too. Custom foam inserts will keep your more delicate objects from breaking, maximizing the protection of the items inside the case, as well as your own protection.

Products That Have Many Parts

No one enjoys opening up a package only to find that the contents reached them in pieces rather than as a whole. You can’t always trust that your case will be right-side-up for the entirety of its journey, so having custom foam inserts to keep everything in place comes in handy. This way, instead of opening up your case and being met by a messy pile of pieces, everything will be perfectly organized.


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