Which Material Should You Use for a Medical Device Custom Case?

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When you need a sensitive medical device transported safely, a custom case can get the job done.

If you are transporting sensitive medical equipment or a medical device, it’s incredibly important that the packaging can get it to and from the destination safely. Custom cases are a great way to keep your medical devices safe and shock protected, but how can you make the choice between metal and plastic? Here are some of the pros and cons of each custom case material.

Aluminum Medical Device Custom Cases

Aluminum is a classic material for medical device custom cases. It does a great job at protecting sensitive machines from all types of interference including electromagnetic, radio, and high-frequency interference. Aluminum is also a very strong material for its light weight. It has about 33% of the density of steel but is very light, so that you get a ton of bang for your buck. Beyond how strong aluminum custom cases are, they are also non-porous and emission-free so that they are easy to sterilize. That is very important when taking devices in and out of sterile medical environments, so it can be a great choice for medical device custom cases.

Plastic Medical Device Custom Cases

Plastic is one of the most common types of packaging throughout manufacturing, so it isn’t too surprising that it is a popular choice for medical device custom cases. Plastic is known for being a watertight material, so it will do a great job at keeping extra moisture out of the insides (especially important with delicate medical equipment). Plastic custom cases are also airtight and pressure-regulated, so if you need to transport medical devices on an airplane it will stand up against many different pressure changes. One difficulty in producing custom plastic cases is that the orders need to be very large to be manufactured. You can always fit a general size with a custom foam interior, but you may not be able to purchase your perfect size outright.

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