Medical Equipment Cases: Protecting your delicate Medical Instruments

Whether it is a doctor transporting medical instruments across the country or a home nurse transporting medical equipment to and from a patient’s home, doctors and other medical personnel need to transport their medical devices. So how do these medical professionals transport these delicate instruments? With custom cases from Packaging Strategies, Inc. (PSI)!

PSI medical equipment cases are custom built to fit each client’s specific needs. Each case is also outfitted with a custom foam interior, ensuring medical equipment is fully protected during transportation. Additional benefits of PSI medical cases include:

  • PSI medical cases are heavy duty
  • PSI medical cases are lightweight
  • PSI medical cases are shock resistant
  • PSI medical cases are air tight and water proof
  • PSI medical cases ensure your medical instruments reach their final destination unharmed

Packaging Strategies Inc. prides itself on offering total packaging solutions, from design and prototyping to fabrication and custom cushioning solutions!

PSI’s approach to custom cases combines 3D modeling design with first article sampling to guarantee that the solution provided will perform correctly, eliminate delays in delivery schedule and not exceed cost expectations.

If you’re interested in learning more about Medical Equipment Cases, please contact Packaging Strategies Inc. by calling 888-774-7557, email [email protected], or click here today!

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, we have installed the latest in fabrication equipment and rotational molded manufacturing to ensure timely deliveries at competitive prices. At PSI, we’re capable of creating one or 1,000 pieces – the choice is yours.

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