How Much Shock Protection Does My Custom Case Need?

Custom Foam Interior Shock Protection

Learn about the importance of shock protection.

Medical tools, military equipment, advanced electrical items- all of these items are extremely expensive so their safety is paramount when it comes to transportation. That’s where custom cases are invaluable. They feature compartments specially designed to nest the equipment and protect it from damage in transit. Foam inserts can be cut to exact dimensions to cradle the equipment from shock. Although, different items can require more shock protection which is an important factor when it comes to designing your custom case.

Work Environments

  • Fire and Rescue Services: Whatever service shows up to an incident, they will depend on their custom cases that are easy to carry when minutes and seconds are critical. They need cases that stand up to their rugged working conditions, to protect the critical equipment inside.
  • Armed Services: Military agencies and defense contractors use rugged custom military cases for a wide range of applications such as weapon transport cases, rackmount server cases, and field communications equipment.
  • Medical: Medical equipment in custom cases require maximum shock protection. With inferior cases, fragile equipment, susceptible to any impact whatsoever damaged can be the difference between life and death.

The Benefits of a Custom Case

Custom cases, designed for specific products, offer exceptional protection in transit while offering the added benefit that they can be used hundreds of times. In contrast, cardboard boxes or wooden shipping crates offer one-time use and less protection for contents than a custom shipping case. Over the long haul, custom shipping cases can save money in reduced product loss and expenditures for shipping containers. So don’t take the risk with your cargo or equipment, and invest in a custom case. Especially in the case of shock protection, you want to make you sure that the suspension system adequately lessened the g-force experienced by the center of the case. If you know the payload and suspension system, you can calculate the amount of shock protection your case has. If not, you’ll need instrumented testing where accelerometers are mounted in a block as big as the payload and wired to a data capture machine. This will give you the most accurate reading!



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