Protect Electronics from Vibration with Custom Transit Cases

psi cases protect electronics from vibration

Protect electronics from vibration and the resulting damage with a custom transit case.

Electronics are valuable and sensitive equipment. If you are transporting your equipment without proper protection, the natural vibration from trucks and planes on your equipment while being transported can damage your electronics. Vibration to your electronics can damage devices such as computers or radio transmitters. Vibration can also cause screws to come loose and cards or cables to become unplugged. This damage results in your equipment becoming unusable and needing repair after long journeys without the proper protection they need. The last thing you want to deal with after transporting your equipment is discovering that it doesn’t work and that you need to pay for a repair or replacement while pressed for time. When you design protective, heavy-duty transit cases with Packaging Strategies, Inc., you can protect electronics from vibration and protect your investment. 

Why Vibration Is So Damaging

Vibrations are a constant, back-and-forth motion affecting your equipment throughout its journey. This differs from a shock impact that fades away after the initial hit. When electronics endure constant vibration, solder joints can fail, and screws fall loose. Circuit boards can flex and even delaminate. The equipment may fail when electronic components and boards have resonant frequencies in the range of 50-200Hz, which coincides with the continual shaking experienced on long journeys. 

How to Protect Electronics from Vibration 

What can you do to eliminate or reduce the impact of vibration on your valuable electronics? An effective transit case from Packaging Strategies, Inc. will come complete with damping materials that absorb the vibrations. Custom foam, designed to hold equipment in place securely, can significantly help. This foam has the flexibility needed to absorb the energy from the vibration, so your equipment is not on the receiving end of it. 

The key to protecting your electronics is to keep them away from the walls of the case. This can be done with foam or interior elastomeric mounts that can keep the object in a safe position away from the walls of the transit case. This separation reduces the vibration amplitude and the energy transmitted by it. 

Vibration Is Always a Factor to Consider

There is no such thing as totally vibration-free transportation. Air, road and rail transportation all create unique challenges which must be considered when designing your custom transit cases with Packaging Strategies, Inc. By knowing how your equipment will travel, you can make preparations and adjustments in your transit case design. If you are not sure of the best protective case options, the design team at the Packaging Strategies Design and Technology Center can help you determine the best solution to ensure that your equipment arrives at its destination safely. 


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