Purge Valves and Their Role In Protecting Your Cargo

Purge Valves

Purge valves can protect your cargo and custom case when it needs to be shipped at high altitudes.

Custom case design is all about mitigating potential risks that could affect your cargo. You don’t want to lose your valuable equipment because you didn’t consider how something like rain or humidity might get into your case. If you need your custom case to be waterproof, we can use various techniques and design strategies to achieve this. One of the more useful implements in waterproof custom case design are purge valves, and today we’ll talk about its importance in keeping your cargo safe from the elements.

Basic Concept of Purge Valves

A purge valve is designed to allow air to flow in and out of a case freely but stop dust and water from coming in. It may seem extraneous – after all, as long as the case is sealed tight, shouldn’t that be enough to keep water and dust out? however, if your custom case is shipping out on an airplane, it becomes critically important. Cargo in a plane will undergo atmospheric changes due to the changes in altitude. An airtight container will have a different atmospheric pressure than the air outside it, creating an effect similar to that of a plunger on a floor. A purge valve allows the air inside the case to flow out and match the atmospheric pressure inside the case with that outside of the case, avoiding potential damage and disfiguration to the case.

The Two Types of Purge Valves

In general, the two types of purge valves are automatic and manual. Manual purge valves tend to feature on lower quality custom cases. They require the user to push a button to let the air inside a case out and normalize the pressure. This is not an ideal situation and may lead to your case and cargo being damaged by the time it reaches its destination. An automatic purge valve, on the other hand, will regulate the air pressure by itself, and is the preferred option in most cases!


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