Selecting The Ideal Custom Case For You

Selecting The Ideal Custom Case For You

To help you select the best custom case for your needs, think about the following.

Regardless of whatever items you’re transporting, having the right custom case to protect them is essential. Without a good case, your items won’t be as safe, meaning they could suffer significant damage before they even reach their destination. To help you select the best custom case for your needs, think about the following.

What Is The Worst Case Scenario During Transport?

While no one would want to think about the worst thing that could befall your custom case, you have to take that into consideration so you can properly prepare. If you think your items could get damaged by water, think about getting a waterproof custom case. If you expect your case to be tossed around frequently, fitting it with foam inserts serves as a solid precautionary measure. If your items could get damaged in the event your case is dropped, go with a custom case that has been tested to be shock-resistant.

Think About The External Materials

Think hard about the external materials for your case. Different materials are useful for different purposes.  If you need your custom case to be protected against EMI frequencies, aluminum cases are the way to go. For cases that need to travel long distances, go through higher altitudes, or handle rough traveling conditions, plastic will likely be the best material to use.

Think About The Interior Materials

While the outside of your custom case has a vital role in protecting your items, that doesn’t mean the interior is any less important. A custom case with an equally dependent interior provides much more safety for any items you place inside of it. You can equip your case with foam inserts that perfectly cradle everything inside of it. This reduces shock damage, which in turn leaves your items in better condition when they reach their destination. You can use a few different materials for the interior of your custom case. For more sensitive materials, polyurethane foam is often the best solution for lightweight shock protection. For perishable goods, polystyrene is a better choice. If you’re having trouble deciding on materials for your custom case, you can always contact a professional to get their insight.


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