The Three Most Important Materials To Protect Items In A Custom Medical Case

The Three Most Important Materials To Protect Items In A Custom Medical Case

If you need a custom medical case, it will most likely be made from one of three materials.

If you travel with complex or sensitive medical devices or equipment, you know that what you carry it in matters. These devices are often highly sensitive to change, meaning that even minuscule exposure to the wrong elements could completely ruin the machine. They are also often uniquely shaped, and they would rattle around and get damaged in a standard rectangular case. If you’re in the market for a custom medical case, your unique situation will determine the case material that suits you best, but more than likely it will be one of these three custom case superstars.



Plastic is key if you’re looking for a custom cases that needs to be watertight, whether you’re keeping water out of the case or keeping it in. Plastic can be injection-molded or roto-molded to achieve a 100% custom shape to exactly meet your needs. Plastic cases can be rugged, durable, crushproof, and shockproof to keep the equipment inside totally safe. The same qualities that allow plastic to make cases watertight also allow them to be airtight, which means that plastic custom cases can be made to offer pressure regulation. Plastic cases are often manufactured in set sizes (since custom sizing is cost prohibitive) but the interiors of the cases can then be uniquely outfitted with inserts that meet your exact needs.



Aluminum is often the go-to material for sensitive equipment in a custom medical case because with proper modification it can protect against electromagnetic, radio, and high-frequency signals that might damage the equipment. Aluminum also has an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, which means it can offer a lot of protection without being heavy.  Aluminum is about 1/3 as dense as steel, and while it is not as strong as steel it is still strong enough for most custom case needs. It is also more malleable than steel, meaning that it can be more easily formed into the intricate shapes needed for custom cases. Aluminum is also smooth and non-porous, making it easy to clean and sanitize and ideal for medical uses. Finally, it is emission free and can stand up to longterm exposure to elements.



Finally, for items that are extremely large or uniquely shaped, wood or composite may be the best option. This option is usually a combination of ABS, Aluminum, or fiberglass laminate to add strength to the high grade plywood.



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