Tips on Choosing the Best Custom Case

Tips on Choosing the Best Custom Case

Find out how to pick the best custom case for you.

Opting for a custom case for your delicate and vital materials is a great way to keep them safe and protected on the go. Custom cases allow you to get the best in functionality and usability without sacrificing security. But with so many options and ways to customize, how do you choose the best case for you? Find out how to pick the best custom case for you.

What’s Your Worst-Case Scenario?

Start by considering the worst things that could happen to your custom case – of course, no one wants to have bad things happen, but if you’re prepared, you’ll be better off. Things like exposure to water, being dropped, or extreme heat and cold are all some of the features that your case can protect against. While you likely don’t need a case that can do everything, having one that can do most isn’t a bad idea.

What Are The External Factors?

The next step is to consider what types of external features you want your custom case to have. There are a few options to consider – to start if you’ll use an aluminum case or a hard plastic one.  Both options have their benefits, and you’ll want to consider carefully. If you need your case to offer protection from RF and EMI frequencies; for instance, aluminum is a better choice. Alternatively, if you’ll be traveling to high altitudes and in extreme temperatures with rough conditions, plastic is excellent.

What Do You Want For The Interior?

Once you have your exterior planned, it’s time to move inside. There are even more options to consider for your interior, as this is where much of the shock-absorbing and waterproofing materials are situated. Some options include rotational molding, dense foam cut to exact specifications, polystyrene for perishables, and even waterproof seals.


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